Fowl Weather & Co.


Fowl Weather & Company was established in 2012 by good friends Charles Michael Nunnery and Michael Garrett Maynor. The concept of Fowl Weather & Co. emerged after observing waterfowling's shift away from its historical traditions. Being influenced by the rich waterfowling history of their home state, North Carolina, Charles and Michael set out to build not just a company, but a following of people that would give back to waterfowl conservation, preserve the true waterfowling traditions and educate those new to the sport. Fowl Weather & Co. is meeting these goals by providing those dedicated to waterfowl and waterfowl hunting with apparel and accessories that remind them of their passion for the waterfowling tradition.

    Waterfowling was historically a sport of style and sophistication, in which mostly the prestigious participated. Throughout time, the reputation that the early years of waterfowling established has followed it, and Fowl Weather & Co. wants to ensure that it continues. Fowl Weather & Co.’s apparel and accessories exhibit blends of waterfowling traditions, conservation and education into their designs. A percentage of every product that is sold by Fowl Weather & Co. will be donated towards preserving the waterfowling tradition, waterfowl conservation and educating new waterfowlers.

    Fowl Weather & Co. welcomes you as you become part of a family devoted solely to waterfowl. Thank you for your time and dedication to a purpose that saves this sacred tradition and strives towards waterfowl conservation.

" Thank you for your support of Fowl Weather & Co. as we work towards  Preserving the Waterfowling Tradition "


Charles & Michael




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