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Fowl Weather & Co. was founded on the concept of not only " Preserving the Waterfowling Tradition", but also preserving the future of waterfowl and waterfowl habitat for future generations.

The conservation of wetlands is critical to protect waterfowl nesting areas, as well as to protect overall benefits of wetlands.These benefits include: erosion control, flood control, ground water recharge and discharge, and ensuring the natural filtration abilities that allow for cleaner water flow are not hindered. More and more wetlands are lost each day in this country at at alarming rate. In 2011, evidence showed that the state of Louisiana lost a football field size area of wetlands an hour. Wetlands are disappearing due to draining for agriculture development and pollution from runoff.

When you make a purchase from Fowl Weather & Co., a portion of each sale goes directly to waterfowl and wetlands conservation to ensure they will be around for future generations.


Fowl Weather & Co.  proudly supports the follow organizations.

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